Downhole Tools

Drill Bit :

A Drill bit, is a device attached to the end of the drill string that breaks apart, cuts or crushes the rock formations when drilling. The drill bit is hollow and has jets to allow for the expulsion of the drilling fluid at high velocity and high pressure to help clean the bit and, for softer formations, help to break apart the rock. A tricone bit comprises three conical rollers with teeth made of a hard material, such as tungsten carbide. The teeth break rock by crushing as the rollers move around the bottom of the borehole. A polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bit has no moving parts and works by scraping the rock surface with disk-shaped teeth made of a slug of synthetic diamond attached to a tungsten carbide cylinder.

We provide bits to our clients of required standard with quality assurance.

Stabilizer :

Stabilizer is a downhole equipment used in the bottom hole assembly of a drill string. Its purpose is to mechanically stabilize the BHA in the borehole in order to avoid unintentional sidetracking, vibrations, and ensure the quality of the hole being drilled. It is composed of a hollow cylindrical body and stabilizing blades, both made of high-strength steel. The blades can be either straight or spiralled, and are hardfaced for wear resistance. Depending on the requirement stabilizer may be placed either near the bit or along the drill string.

Bit Sub :

Most subs are used as an adapter between two different connection types in the same drill string. Often times the connection on drill pipe will differ from that of the bottom hole assembly. A bit sub is a sub that is used just above the bit and serves as a crossover between the drill collar connections and the bit connection, and it also houses the float valve, which is basically a one way fluid valve that allows drilling fluids to pass out of the drill string and into the bit, but does not allow those fluids to back-flow into the drill string.

Cross-over sub :

Crossover Subs are used for crossing over from the size of a single connection to the other in the drill string. They are also used for prolonging the life of the more expensive components of the drill string. The connections of the Subs are available in the following types of configurations:

Pup joint :

A pup joint is a short section of pipe used to space out casing or tubing to reach the correct landing depths.

Reamer :

Reamer is a tool used in a BHA to stabilise the bit, remove dog legs or enlarge the hole at the keyseat caused by the pipe. We provide to our clients reamer of required specification

Drill Bit


Bit Sub

Cross-over Sub

Pup Joint