Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Rasson Energy India Private Limited recognizes the need to protect the environment in order to allow sustained economic development for the long-term benefit of the community. They are committed to ensuring that environmental responsibility be incorporated as part of their normal business practice. It is the duty of all employees to exercise care in their work to ensure this commitment is achieved.

Listed below:

  • Client requests, with regard to the treatment of sites and leases, must be taken into account prior to the commencement of operations.
  • While on site, vehicles and equipment are only to be driven on designated roads, unless alternate arrangements have been authorised by the client.
  • Areas of undisturbed bush and environmentally sensitive areas are to be accessed, only with consent of the Mine or Exploration Manager. All waste goods, food, tyres and broken equipment, are to be disposed of properly, at a designated waste facility.
  • The use of chemicals, salt water or any other fluids must be controlled in the correct manner. This particularly applies to cleaning up immediately and containing any fuels, oils, greases or chemical substances that may contaminate any areas of ground or waterways.
  • All legislative requirements must be fully complied with an updates or changes in the Act and Regulations must be communicated to all employees
  • On completion of each drilling program, the disturbed area is to be left clean and tidy, as close as possible to its original condition. Where necessary engage the services of expert external personnel to advice on environmental matters.
  • To follow client's HSE policy strictly at all times.
  • To keep all employees abreast with company, state and client HSE and display Emergency Response Procedures at Site Office.
  • To create facility at work site for monitoring of air, water and soil quality fit for Human Work Place.
  • To provide first-aid Medical arrangement at all sites.
  • To provide all necessary communication facilities and provide important contact numbers.

The aim of the environmental policy is to provide realistic and achievable goals for all personnel involved in the company's activities.