Well Control Equipments

Well control equipments are the most important safety equipments installed on a drilling rig. In the event of the failure of the equipment the result could be catastrophic, adverse impact on the local environment and severe cost implication for the operator. In the view of the importance of well control equipment we provide to our clients according to their requirements which is competent and provides a better well control during operation.


The BOP valves are designed to close around the drillpipe, sealing off the annular space between the drillpipe and the casing. The BOPs have a large ID so that all the necessary drilling tools can be run in the hole.

We provide the following type of Blowout Preventer
  1. 1. Annular preventers.
  2. 2. Ram preventers.
  3. 3. Diverters.

BOP Accumulator and Control Unit :

BOP accumulator and control system is one important system in drilling and work-over operation. As per different working conditions BOP accumulator and control system can be pneumatic, hydraulic or electric control. We provide different type of BOP accumulator and control system to our clients according to their requirement.

Choke and Kill Manifold :

In oil and gas production a choke manifold is used to lower the pressure from the well head. It consists of a set of high pressure valves and at least two chokes. These chokes can be fixed or adjustable or a mix of both. The redundancy is needed so that if one choke has to be taken out of service, the flow can be directed through another one. By lowering pressure the retrieved gases can be flared off on site. Choke manifold consist of choke valves, gate valves, line pipe, fittings, pressure gauge and other components.

Kill manifold is necessary equipment in well control system to pump drilling fluid into well or inject water into well head. It consists of check valves, gate valves, pressure gauges and line pipe.

Wellhead and Christmas Tree :

Wellhead and Christmas tree is used for well drilling and oil or gas production, water injection and downhole operation. Wellhead and christmas tree is installed on the top of a well to seal the annular space between casing and tubing, can control wellhead pressure and adjust well flow rate and transport oil from well to pipe line. We provide different types of wellhead and christmas tree according to client requirements.

Drilling Spool :

Drilling Spools are the parts which are often used in the oilfield, designed to connect the BOP and wellhead to allow safe circulation of mud. Drilling spools usually have the same nominal end connections and the same nominal side outlet connections. As per connection method, both Flanged spool and studded spool are available.

Flange Adapter :

REIPL provides different types of adapter flanges to clients according to their requirements.


BOP Accumulator and Control Unit

Choke and Kill Manifold

Wellhead and Christmas tree

Drilling Spool

Flange Adapter